Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Urban Education Journal.

We welcome submissions from researchers, graduate students, practitioners, policy makers, and youth to publish studies in progress, as well as findings from completed research and reflections on practice. We also welcome submissions that present content in creative ways through multimedia formats.

Prospective authors are invited to submit works for publication consideration in accordance with the guidelines and protocol delineated below.

Submission Guidelines

Urban Education Journal requests that submissions conform to the following standards:

  1. Fit: Topics include but are not limited to: Education, Job&Career, Politics. A successful submission posits a thoughtful and novel field-specific thesis with supporting documentation from credible sources and reasonable anecdotal evidence. It is clear, concise, and compelling.
  2. Length Limitations: Submissions should convey a message clearly, compellingly, and concisely. In pursuit of the latter criterion, submissions should not exceed 15,000 words. There is no minimum word count; however, at least 2,000 words are usually necessary in order to develop a thought to the extent that our readership desires.
  3. Tone: Urban Education Journal aims to present material in a professional manner. Therefore, please seek to establish a neutral point of view. When addressing a controversial topic, try to address all sides of the issue.
  4. Citations: Please give credit to any direct quotations, paraphrased statements, and borrowed ideas.  We prefer the use of endnotes for inline citations and APA format for the bibliography; however, we are less concerned about how you choose to render citations in your submission than we are about you giving credit where credit is due.
  5. Exclusivity: Please do not submit works for publication in Urban Education Journal that have been published elsewhere. Derivative works, however, differing significantly with regards to content and overarching message are acceptable. Furthermore, please do not submit a manuscript that is currently under review at another publication outlet.


How to Submit

Please email submissions to  (Attn: Urban Education Journal Publications Committee) in either .doc or .docx file extensions. Manuscripts are only accepted electronically via email, and you will receive confirmation within 24-48 hours that your submission has been received. A determination regarding your manuscript will be made within one week of submission.

About the Review Process

Urban Education Journal carefully considers all manuscripts that it receives and utilizes a blind review process, evaluating manuscripts without regard to the author’s name, affiliation, prior publications, or background. All manuscripts are reviewed by at least two reviewers, and accepted works vary in the extent of revision needed prior to publication.

There is no “best” time to submit a manuscript to Urban Education Journal. We will never reject an article for lack of space. However, in order to allow maximum readership for your work, we may hold off publication of an approved work until a future time as deemed prudent by Urban Education Journal.

As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.

Please send all submissions to