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Shaking Quakers

03:25PM, 10/ 4/15

In August, Field Creative Director Jonah Takagi took part in a design workshop at the Hancock Shaker Village in New Lebanon, NY. Through the event he gained access to archives not typically on display for visitors to the community. Some of his favorites are pictured here.

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Field journal shakers 07 533 xxx

Hancock Shaker Village. New Lebanon, NY


Field journal shakers 08 533 xxx

Chemical analysis of old paint samples was performed to determine the orginal color when repainting the exterior of the horse barn.


Field journal shakers 06 533 xxx

The monastic attic of the Brick Dwelling House. 



Field journal shakers 09 533 xxx

Shaker basketware.


Field journal shakers 04 533 xxx

The interior of the Shaker Meeting room was accessible to the public though a seperate door facing the main road through Hancock. One might assume that the Shakers were very insular, but they relied on the outside world for converts as well as trade.


Field journal shakers 01 533 xxx

Deep in the archives. Boxes on top of boxes on top of chairs. One of the most beguiling and intriguing aspects of the objects created by the Shakers is the almost complete lack of attribution to individual craftspeople. Not surprising within the context of communal living, but it just makes you want to know more.


Field journal shakers 02 533 xxx

Cast iron, water turbine driven drill press.


Field journal shakers 12 533 xxx

The ubiquitous peg rail, this time featuring a hanging rack with Shaker linen.


Field journal shakers 05 533 xxx

Perhaps the brightest room at Hancock, this is one of several spaces in the Brick Dwelling House that have been finished to their original splendor.


Field journal shakers 10 533 xxx

A rather glum portrait of Shaker sisters at Hancock.


Field journal shakers 11 533 xxx

A small candle holder that looks like it could have been designed yestereday.