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Shinola Detroit

05:41PM, 9/ 9/14

This summer we had the pleasure of working with the folks at Shinola on a few different projects. We recently took a trip up to Detroit to check out their flagship store - where the Field collection is available through September - and to visit their headquarters, where Made in America, and in particular Made in Detroit, is much more than just a credo. 

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Shinola store 07 533 xxx

Shinola Flagship Detroit

441 West Canfield

Detroit, MI 48201


Shinola store 02 533 xxx
Shinola store 05 533 xxx
Shinola store 03 v2 533 xxx
Shinola store 01 v2 533 xxx
Shinola store 04 v2 533 xxx




Shinola Factory Headquarters

485 West Milwaukee Street

Detroit, MI 48202


Shinola hq 01 533 xxx
Shinola hq 03 v2 533 xxx
Shinola hq 02 533 xxx
Shinola hq 04 533 xxx
Shinola hq 05 533 xxx