Companies That Support Donald Trump. List of Trump-Friendly Companies

Many U.S. corporations are participating in an active dialogue about whether or not they support Donald Trump, and it’s rattling the consumer marketplace. 

“People are realizing that they have a vote everyday with their purchasing power, and they can take a stand every single day with how they spend their money,” says Nathan Lerner, executive director at the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. Back in late November, he and his team launched the Boycott Trump app, a simple database that allows consumers to know which companies support Donald Trump.

From entertainment to consumer products, these companies and their leaders have supported president Donald Trump:

1. Home Depot

2. Hobby Lobby

3. Forbes


5. Herbalife

6. New Balance

7. The New England Patriots

8. UFC

9. PayPal

10. Coors Light

11. Ameritrade

12. Yuengling